Viva la vida...

I am Britt. I'm nineteen but I don't always act my age. In this life I want to achieve so many things. Traveling is a huge aspiration of mine. I want to explore every nook and cranny. I want to embrace life and handle anything that gets thrown in my path. I know some will be good things and other will be bad. But whatever happens I'll handle it and just be glad I'm living. That's all you can do.

If I was brave, I'd cover my whole body with tattoos.

Proper ladies aren't supposed to swear, oh fucking well.

Tattoo Ideas
For the most part…

…I’m pretty comfortable with how I look. I love that I am petite and have long dirty blonde hair. I love that my eyes are round and deep blue. I have even accepted my pale albaster color. But what I loathe the most about myself is my skin. Not that I am pale, but no matter what I do I always have lumps and bumps. I yearn to wakeup in the morning with flawless skin that just radiates in the sunlight. When that morning comes, I will not put on pounds of makeup but willingly show my bare skin. But until then, I will hide behind a layer of makeup and refuse to emerge into the light when my face is bare.